Where I've Been

I started my career as a Quality Assurance Analyst testing video games for P.C. and console (Sony PlayStation2 and Sega Dream Cast) at Talonsoft/Take2 Interactive Baltimore. During this time my love and desire for programming was cemented into place as I was able to get myself involved in small projects around the company that were outside my QA role and more along the lines of junior development tasks. I wore many hats trying to get as much experience under my belt as possible working for such a recognized industry leader in gaming.

Over the next few years I worked for companies ranging in size from a small web advertising start up to a medium sized established insurance company, all the way up to the well-established oil refinery corporation Crown Central Petroleum. It was my diverse work with these companies in the early 2000s that lead me to web development and the realization that everything would become web enabled opening up numerous opportunities such as working for the Award winning Creative Studio Fast Spot assisting them as a lead developer in creating the early versions of what would become to be known as Web 2.0. Fast Spot was one of the first pioneers in dynamic web enabled CMS systems which I developed the first versions of. Working with so many talented designers at the time really gave me a true appreciation for aesthetics and putting your heart and soul into a creative process.

After working at Fast Spot I returned to my current employer Northeastern Supply to assist the company in bringing all their technology and business processes into the web era of doing business. It was during this time that I had a deep realization about what I want to do with my long term career and I decided to go to college to focus on truly mastering computer science and the passions I have discovered within myself. The real problem solving happens inside mathematics and low level programming and that is where I find myself now. I would love to work on 3D Rendering Pipeline, Tools development, Gaming, Simulation, and Computer Vision. The problems that are associated with application and web development are nowhere nearly of a challenge as I need and desire; which is why I have spent the past few years diving deep into mathematics and low level programming as can be seen by my personal passion projects.

Where I Want To Go

I would like to find the job where I retire from; working for a company where my diverse skills and passionate hunger for problem solving, coding, and mathematics would allow me to be a key player in helping the company achieve their product vision at the highest levels of standards and care. I would like to work somewhere where I am the "dumbest" person in the room for a little while! I have no ego and my only desire is to truly understand my passions and to contribute to something greater then myself! I don't just code to earn a living, I code because I have to; it's a part of my DNA.