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Commercial Bidding

The Commercial Bidding application was written to allow for the management of Commerical Bidding activity across a major HVAC supplier with 30+ branch locations. This system allows for the management of each commerical bidding project as well as the creation and generation of PDF documents that contain specification sheets for each commerical bidding job and reporting functionality. This system is multi user compatiable with a very fast PDF engine that reads and merges 100+ indivudual PDF spec sheets into one PDF document with a Table Of Contents in a matter of seconds.

The original work flow and application my system replaced was very unreliable. Resulting in spending numerous hours per week attempting to find and fix malformed PDF documents the old system couldn't process. The Commercial Bidding application has been in use 8+ years now with zero down time with only two bug fixes being required due to a bug in the XLST layout engine used for reporting and PDF generation.