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Pricing Matrix

The Pricing Matrix application was a complete from the ground up rewrite of an existing 20 year old desktop application that was not reliable as well as extreamly hard to add features to due to poor design and implimentation of the original application. The Pricing Matrix is responsible for setting and controling all company pricing across 30+ Price Groups and 2000+ Product Lines. Features include the ability to schedule pricing changes to take effect on a specific data and time in advance, the ability to view Historical pricing information and reports as well as be able to quickly change or revert to a previous pricing setup. Also included is the ability to copy pricing templates between price groups and product lines.

The original system my application replaced was experiencing problems weekly if not daily, which had to be manually rectified. My new application has been in place 6+ years with absolutely zero issues in production. This is the kind of stability I aim for no matter how big or small the project!